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Journals/Books of Shadows

Queries about orders:

Having a Journal custom made to order is a fairly simple process (for you anyway). Now most people have a very good idea what they want in the first place. Others have an idea or inspiration they want to portray in book form without a clear idea, or concept. Obviously the time involved in designing these books is case by case. After the design process is completed most books take around four + weeks to complete. Designs that are more complicated, or involve concepts that we have not previously used will take longer. This is a ball park time scale and meant only as a rough guide. We would of course keep customers informed of any development regarding their journal, so they would know what is happening and when they are likely to receive it/them. It is very important to us that any customer walks away happy, and it is a pleasant experience for all involved.


A customer wanting a version of a book within the gallery, or a journal as for sale in a different colour etc will be priced accordingly. Please note we make a point that no two journals are identical, but can be made close to the original.

Customers wanting an idea very similar, for example they want the feature shrunk or moved, It will cost slightly more for the extra time it will takes to design. Please bear in mind that just shrinking a wing for example, the whole thing has to be redrawn and redesigned which takes time (and as they say time is money). We are not talking a huge increase just enough to cover the cost of our time. Enquiries welcome.

Whatís available

Well all design ideas are considered, even if they on the surface seem unlikely to work, or impossible to make practically. We will do our best to come up with a solution to any problems that arise during the design process

Books with more than 250 pages (normal amount)


Lined page in certain sizes

Smaller books

Mini versions

Customers wanting a whole new one off design, take longer to create, and can cost a lot more. It all works on the complexity of the design. Iím sorry I canít be clearer but everything is very variable, it is impossible to say all made to orders would be a certain price, when some designs are simple, some are very complicated.

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